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Northeast Versatile
Hunting Dog Federation

The Northeast Chapter of the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation is located in Northeast Pennsylvania in the Pocono mountains. The Chapter's goal is to follow the mission statement of the Versatile Hunting dog Federation.

The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation promotes ethical hunting practices and conservation of game animals by enhancing the quality and ability of versatile hunting dogs through breeder and handler education, performance based testing, and by facilitating continuing education and information exchange regarding health and genetics. 



For information about VHDF listen to a podcast here

The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote ethical hunting and conservation of game by enhancing the overall quality and abilities of versatile hunting dogs.  The versatile hunting dog can be enhanced through breeder and owner education regarding genetics; selective breeding; training; aptitude and performance testing; and conformation evaluation.



The chapter will be hosting a two test weekends this season. The test, clinic, and training dates are listed below.

June test is currently full with a wait list being started.




13 & 14 Field and water training


10 & 11 test weekend with this test being full


19 & 20 field and water training


15 field and water training


2 & 3 test weekend

To enter the test you must be a member of the chapter along with the parent club. To apply go to

VHDF to apply and pay for the test.


Field training/testing site

The field portion of the test and training site entrance is located here. Please drive down the dirt roadway to the parking area here.

Water training/testing site

The advanced water portion of the test and training site entrance is located here. Please drive down the dirt roadway but please drive slowly due to the potholes you will drive 1.8 miles down the road and you will turn left into the parking area just beyond the bridge the parking area is here.

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